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The demands of the varied community of Kansas City change frequently. The neighbourhood organisation Kansas City Harmony has made an effort to change in order to meet these demands.

According to Diane Hershberger, executive director of Harmony, it is no longer sufficient to merely show tolerance for other races and cultures.

Our community will develop and become even better if everyone can learn to work together more effectively and respect one another’s differences, she said.
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In order to improve racial relations, lessen prejudice, and celebrate diversity throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area, Mayor pro-tem Emanuel Cleaver and Mayor Richard Berkley launched Kansas City Harmony in 1989. They rallied leadership from the business, government, educational, and religious communities to work on the 18-month project. Those associated with Harmony quickly realised that racial harmony and prejudice reduction were not a “project” but rather an ongoing process.
To build on and deepen the progress that has been made, race relations and diversity efforts demand vigilant attention. Making Kansas metropolis a world-class metropolis will continue to advance thanks to the dedication of civic leadership. The project that was launched with fanfare and excitement is still ongoing as a multifaceted community process, accomplishing its goals and realising its aim.